Foreign Currency Market and Exchange Rate

We cover all your payments needs, because we work with more than 100 different foreign currencies. EXPORT SMOOTHLY. We are specialists in currency exchange in Chile.

Our complete financial service, which provide tailored solutions for all your projects, sis focused on international transfers.

Based on that, we work with currency exchange rates for payments to vendors, and more. We are committed to settle your currencies through currency exchange with simple national and international transactions. Currency exchange in Chile is our specialty, since we cover all your payment needs and because we work with more than 100 different currencies.

Since the services of AFEX AV specialize in the international transfer product, providing the customer a rapid and completely personalized service with prices that are significantly lower to those offered by banks, become our client now!

Find out more about currencies and exchange rates.

What is the process of purchase and sale of currencies?

The process of purchase and sale of currencies is a simple transaction, which involves buying a currency and selling another one at the same time. It is a transaction between two parties, where one of them commits itself to sell and the other one to buy based on the relative offer and demand.

Through a complete transaction, we perform currency exchange in Chile for domestic operations and transactions to foreign countries. This way, we create advantageous links to do business. The most important for us is your satisfaction with our service, so we will be calculating the currency exchange in every process.

How to do international transfers?

To do international transfers you should follow some steps and, of course, have the recipient’s data. Nevertheless, we can perform this process for you easily and 100% safely. Yes, we perform any type of deposit in national and international bank accounts in order you not to worry about your finances and general purchases and sales anymore, and, best of all, we have the most convenient prices in the market.

What can I do with currency exchange in Chile?

We cover your needs of national payments in dollars and euros. You can pay to forwarders, customs agencies, insurances companies and perform any type of deposits in national and international current accounts in a rapid and safe way. Best of all, we have direct access to all the currencies of the world.

Settle your export returns from financial services

Export returns from financial services are given through direct transactions, which we ensure are finalize as best as possible, in accordance with the needs of your business or investment.

Reception of foreign funds from export payments in more than 20 currencies

Regarding currency exchange, we have a complete reception of funds, where we offer more than 20 different currencies for carrying out your planned transaction or projects.

Buy USD and EUR for deposits in national accounts

In this sense, besides international transfers, we offer deposits in national accounts. This way, no matter what is your plan, we solve all your needs rapidly and at a low cost.

The Inflow of currencies from abroad is under the Compendium of Foreign Exchange Standards

This means, we comply with the regulation on subjects related to foreign exchange operations.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our  Company

Is there any maximum amount limit for transfers?

There are no minimum or maximum amount limits

How much do the transfers cost?

Transfer costs are fixed amounts with low commissions.

Who can agree a Forward?

Forwards are for registered customers and companies, which seek to anticipate and be covered against possible future financial risks.

Where can I pay my American Express?

With currency exchange, you not only can make international transfers to vendors, but also you may pay your AMEX card in an easy, rapid and simple way, with the reliability that only we can offer you.

What card can I pay?

You can pay Amex International Dollar Card

3715-8XXXX 3716-9XXXX 3726-9XXXX

3786-8XXXX 3787-9XXXX 3790-4XXXX

3715-9XXXX 3726-5XXXX 3726-8XXXX

Why choosing us for your international transfers?

You should choose us because we are faster and more economic, we have bank accounts in more than 60 countries to send and receive money, we work with first-class technology for you to get what you need in and easy and practical way and because your money is safe with us. Contact us today!

Who can request the payment of an AMEX card?

Natural or legal persons, holders of the Corporate AMEX card, may request the payment of their card.

Do you want to become a Client? / Do you have any Doubt?

We invite you to send us your inquiries, doubts or questions, since we are at your disposal. It is important for us, that you clearly understand international bank transfers and currency exchange.